A poem a day
Putting my thoughts into words
Sharing my feelings through an ink
Erasing the boredom with a book

A poem a day
Creating imaginations with the mind
Leaving words of gold behind
Turning fictions into reality

A poem a day
Raging war against sadness
Writing for the love of the pen
Floating in the ocean of thoughts

A poem a day
Writing the words of the suppressed voices
Speaking the minds of the oppressed
Coaxing the hardened hearts with rhymes

A poem a day
Reflecting minds where speech fails
Reverberating words from the voice of the pen
Lighting your day like a wildfire

A poem a day
Digging out emotions deep within
Creating magic, beliefs and visions
Unveiling the power to mould your world

A poem a day
Pen down your hurts, fears and pains
Pen them down,they hurt no more
Mould your dream and let smiles of hope beam

I am a poet
My life is a poem
Everyone I meet is a theme


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