Oh the piercing night

A roaring voice of death whispered my name

In between the caves of misty dreams,I floated

Like a swift wheat darting round the water waves

My fate shrunk in the deepest nightmare

Raining terror within me like blown cinders

The fierce breeze tore deep into my scaly skin

Corroding my heavy eyes flooded with tears

A thick mist grew from the dark and shade my heart

my whole being sublimed into the air of my wild thoughts

Birthing words that lips can’t bear imprinted on tiny drops of tears

Pounding heavily as they marry my confiding pillow

Beyond the dazzling spit of the night dew

Owls of the night are chanting their rhythm of bad omen

Dark heavy clouds steal the smiles of the crescent

Bathing the night with drowning foams of darkness

Beyond the silent screams of the night

I lay ripped of my voice with an almost losing breath

My mind racing round this abyss like a craving wolf

Claws of panic sinking deep into my torn frame

More like a needle thrown into the deepest part of the sea

Coaxed to the vapour of the dreadful night

Thoughts are flying like blind hummingbirds

Moulding dreadful scenes of fog covered sight

Now when dawn finally swims out of the ocean of this silent thorny night

I’ll wake up to the caressing touch of the morning rays

With glistering stars embracing the whole sky

With soothing dews raining from beyond the clouds



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