Once in a blue moon

Freezing bodies crack like pieces of magnificent sculpture

Hoarding pillars of transcending memories

Embellished with the carvings of bricks of love and myth

The star dust rises from their skin

The moonlight beam pierces through their frame

Moulding the broken pieces of the sculpted chassis
Once in a blue moon

I come as the nightmare that soils through the morning rays

As the cringing voice beneath many pounding chests

Yet the devil on the lips of every human race

I come in my footprints where feeble feet descend in

Bathe in the scorches of the sun and mask my face in feigned smiles
Once in a blue moon

When words refuse to marry each other

And create scenes from the eyes of the mind

Shadows of the pen stretch at dusk fall

And intermingle with the mist of gloom

Once in a blue moon on the lines of tired faces

Their stories are crafted on the wrinkles of their faces
Once in a blue moon

The sun blares and the stars glow

Love tickles the mind and spreads sweet calming waves

Darkness and light hues like tosses

Unveiling the crescent from the draught of the eclipse

Once in a blue moon

We lie under the dark blue skies

And find solace on the cool of the sticky sand

Published by Esther Ikott

I harbour a nursery of doubts in my mind, A dungeon of fear that embodies my thought, But if you break through this mountain, We'll make babies, I mean memories that live after us💚

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