Juliet, your eyes are bright like candle’s glow

The tenderness of your arms so soft and mild

How sweet is the echo of your voice

The twinkle and glitter of your eyes

Hold my hands my lady

When the morning fog shields the coolness of dawn

Casting its dew with the gentle breeze

While we grapple in the rising rays

As shadows clinging to each other

When the ocean roars in the peacefulness of your smiles

Like a sudden quake of the earth’s tomb

Let me dance around the caves of your heart

And weave my words with the ink of my quill

Be my Juliet, and I your Romeo

In your arms I will lie until death

For your absence alone steals my breath

Published by Esther Ikott

I harbour a nursery of doubts in my mind, A dungeon of fear that embodies my thought, But if you break through this mountain, We'll make babies, I mean memories that live after us💚

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