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We are warriors scavenging for our crown buried in the caves of civilization
Drown in the streams of the blood of our brothers once shed for freedom

We are like stars in love with memories of how peaceful our clouds once were
The echoes of our folklores, our pride and our strength

We hold the beauty of the sun shining on our black skin that beams with pride
As dancers moving in orbit to the rhythm of their heritage

We are voices of the moonlight tales
Heard ascending gracefully across the horizon

We are the glories of our legacy, our myths and our skin
The pride of our heroes and the strength of our kins

We are Africans , decorated with strands of diversity
For posterity to cherish unity in diversity

© Esther Ikott

Published by Esther Ikott

I harbour a nursery of doubts in my mind, A dungeon of fear that embodies my thought, But if you break through this mountain, We'll make babies, I mean memories that live after us💚

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