A Poet’s Message To A Poet

I see you dreamer poet
Luckily trapped in the terrific dreamland of your mind
I see those ink spilled hands
And the pen that writes for love
I watch every moment you pause
Lay your hands upon your head in a light stroke
And wait for your muse to whisper more words to you

I see you beneath the pages of your book
As you journey through each page
Vomiting your words on every lines
Just like your mind sojourns through different worlds
Carving scenes from every borders
A Beautiful treasure the world needs

I see you, night lover
Reader of the dark skies
One who haunts through the depth of darkness for words
Who sips the moonlight muse like wine
Perceives the rhythm in every silence
I watch you huddle on your wooden bed
As the eye of the moon stares at you through the mouth of your unshut window
And the glow from your eyes paint the night sky you admire

I see you poet
Every drop from your sweaty hands
Every union of your words
Every sound in your mind
Every echo of your murmur
As they whisper deep within
I watch your eyes wrapped in tiny bright twinkles
Because I’m a poet too
And we both live in this mysterious world of words

©Esther Ikott


Published by Esther Ikott

I harbour a nursery of doubts in my mind, A dungeon of fear that embodies my thought, But if you break through this mountain, We'll make babies, I mean memories that live after us💚

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