Oh the piercing night

A roaring voice of death whispered my name

In between the caves of misty dreams,I floated

Like a swift wheat darting round the water waves

My fate shrunk in the deepest nightmare

Raining terror within me like blown cinders

The fierce breeze tore deep into my scaly skin

Corroding my heavy eyes flooded with tears

A thick mist grew from the dark and shade my heart

my whole being sublimed into the air of my wild thoughts

Birthing words that lips can’t bear imprinted on tiny drops of tears

Pounding heavily as they marry my confiding pillow

Beyond the dazzling spit of the night dew

Owls of the night are chanting their rhythm of bad omen

Dark heavy clouds steal the smiles of the crescent

Bathing the night with drowning foams of darkness

Beyond the silent screams of the night

I lay ripped of my voice with an almost losing breath

My mind racing round this abyss like a craving wolf

Claws of panic sinking deep into my torn frame

More like a needle thrown into the deepest part of the sea

Coaxed to the vapour of the dreadful night

Thoughts are flying like blind hummingbirds

Moulding dreadful scenes of fog covered sight

Now when dawn finally swims out of the ocean of this silent thorny night

I’ll wake up to the caressing touch of the morning rays

With glistering stars embracing the whole sky

With soothing dews raining from beyond the clouds


I sat on the couch and witnessed my life crawled out of my hands

With thoughts gushing everywhere filling every bit of hollow that existed in my mind

I remember when my feet were taught to walk

My hands they scrubbed the soil gathering sands of the earth as they made a pace

I was just 16 with a sight blurred by luxury

I saw shadows of the future which have come to play now

My life is more than what beauty or luxury can amend

I’ve been dragged to the ground by the hands of fate

Now I’m a woman of scars, decorated with wounds and moulded in pains


I’ve traveled through tough terrains
Bore the heavy loads of culture
My flesh has been torn and my heart pierced
I’m the one struggling with the rugged mortal and heavy pestle to feed a hungry man
Because I’m a woman

I’ve lived fearlessly at the price of rejection
Swam in the ocean of negligence
My eyes have been smote with hands that birth fright
I’m dumped at the steamy kitchen because that’s where society place me
I’m the broken back that toils through the night to comfort a masculine being
Because I’m a woman

Now I’m ready to unseal my lips and vomit the venom of my heart
Now I know that I’m a woman
Because I’m the completeness of a being
I’m the clouds in the sky
I create a hollow by the absence
A world without me is like a street with collapsed buildings

Now I part my lips and echo the wails of my heart
Because beneath your nights of forlorn midnight
I’m the glitter of stars that hit your eyes like a knight
Though I’m bruised by culture and defined by the society
My bruised skin is girded up in my shiny smiles
Because I’m a woman


Today being International girl’s day….
This poem is inspired by a story a 10 year old girl told me, say no to sexual abuse!!! It leaves a scar that’s hard to erase

On a bed clothed in fumes of pain
My agony lies in the smiles I wear to avoid the tears
Like a toy thrown to the abyss to feed the consuming urge of a beast
I’m torn by lustful claws and devoured by selfish pleasures
I am a decayed being hiding under the beauty of a frame
With a frail skin flowing beneath the reflection of running waters
I remember the fingers that trapped my skin
Dragged my shivering frame to a heart pounding fast
My eyes went on a journey searching through his eyes
Reading the desires on his mind through the grin on his face
I saw the flame of lust, I saw pain in pleasure
He tore through the me in me and left me groaning in emptiness
My lips were glued by threats and couldn’t utter a word
I am but a child eaten up by a man the world crowns with glory
Here my agony is encrypted on the pages of a book my ink decorates with words
Lying here cradled in the warmth of my bed
My pen bleeds and digs deeper
Digging in search of the me I lost to sexual abuse