Behind the mask of our egos we hide

With our minds drenched in praises of our strength

Beneath the ocean of our achievements we sink

And let darkness crawl deep into our hearts
We hold our worth so high and deep

We steep our minds in the depth of our treasures

Singing tunes to adore our name 

Basking ourselves in the flame of fame

We wash our faces in people’s praises

Erect walls of pride that makes us feel right

Slowly we slip into the arms of our doom

Because the devil ‘pride’ only visits with a fall



As our ponderous eyes wake 

To the certainty of night

Where echoes fly

From the start of time

We glue our ears to the clouds

To listen to words that descend from high

There we hear the sound of a tune

Beyond the globe of our ears

Through the longest nights and the dimmest stars

Our muse whispers

And we catch swarms of ideas

Enough to sustain for immortality


Juliet, your eyes are bright like candle’s glow

The tenderness of your arms so soft and mild

How sweet is the echo of your voice

The twinkle and glitter of your eyes

Hold my hands my lady

When the morning fog shields the coolness of dawn

Casting its dew with the gentle breeze

While we grapple in the rising rays

As shadows clinging to each other

When the ocean roars in the peacefulness of your smiles

Like a sudden quake of the earth’s tomb

Let me dance around the caves of your heart

And weave my words with the ink of my quill

Be my Juliet, and I your Romeo

In your arms I will lie until death

For your absence alone steals my breath


Once in a blue moon

Freezing bodies crack like pieces of magnificent sculpture

Hoarding pillars of transcending memories

Embellished with the carvings of bricks of love and myth

The star dust rises from their skin

The moonlight beam pierces through their frame

Moulding the broken pieces of the sculpted chassis
Once in a blue moon

I come as the nightmare that soils through the morning rays

As the cringing voice beneath many pounding chests

Yet the devil on the lips of every human race

I come in my footprints where feeble feet descend in

Bathe in the scorches of the sun and mask my face in feigned smiles
Once in a blue moon

When words refuse to marry each other

And create scenes from the eyes of the mind

Shadows of the pen stretch at dusk fall

And intermingle with the mist of gloom

Once in a blue moon on the lines of tired faces

Their stories are crafted on the wrinkles of their faces
Once in a blue moon

The sun blares and the stars glow

Love tickles the mind and spreads sweet calming waves

Darkness and light hues like tosses

Unveiling the crescent from the draught of the eclipse

Once in a blue moon

We lie under the dark blue skies

And find solace on the cool of the sticky sand


At the cross

Where the king was slain

He bore all the pain

At the cross

The saviour was pinned

To save all that sinned

At the cross

Come all burdened by hurt

Be healed by his bruises and cut

At the cross

Come all broken and shattered

Let life’s chains be battered

At the cross

Come all drained by strife

Be refreshed and alive

At the cross

Come all weary with toils

Whose lives have been soiled

At the cross

Tender your earnest plead

He’ll meet all your needs

At the cross

Drop it at his feet

Tell him all about it

At the cross

Cry all your tears

He listens and he hears

At the cross

Drop all your fears

And cast all your cares