Today being International girl’s day….
This poem is inspired by a story a 10 year old girl told me, say no to sexual abuse!!! It leaves a scar that’s hard to erase

On a bed clothed in fumes of pain
My agony lies in the smiles I wear to avoid the tears
Like a toy thrown to the abyss to feed the consuming urge of a beast
I’m torn by lustful claws and devoured by selfish pleasures
I am a decayed being hiding under the beauty of a frame
With a frail skin flowing beneath the reflection of running waters
I remember the fingers that trapped my skin
Dragged my shivering frame to a heart pounding fast
My eyes went on a journey searching through his eyes
Reading the desires on his mind through the grin on his face
I saw the flame of lust, I saw pain in pleasure
He tore through the me in me and left me groaning in emptiness
My lips were glued by threats and couldn’t utter a word
I am but a child eaten up by a man the world crowns with glory
Here my agony is encrypted on the pages of a book my ink decorates with words
Lying here cradled in the warmth of my bed
My pen bleeds and digs deeper
Digging in search of the me I lost to sexual abuse



This poem is inspired by doubts and wild thoughts

What if we’ve been chasing life in all the wrong places
Seeking bricks of solace to mould our heart’s spaces
What if the trees are birds
Singing songs we’ve not heard
What if we possess the cure but ignorantly toil through bushes for answer
While our problems slowly eat us up like a terrible cancer
What if the sky is just a heavy dark fog
Smooching the earth in a tight sweet hug
What if the huge mountain and the deepest pit in our minds we’ve always felt
Is a shadow of a frame of ice our tiny hands can melt
What if all our treasures and glories are just a dream we’ll wake up from
And the glaring world we envisioned is an empty space with no form
What if the sun isn’t shiny and hot
But a dark round frame that’s little and soft
What if we actually don’t dream
But sojourns on a land with a light that’s dim
What if the ocean and the sea
Are tears of a being we can’t see
What if there exist no light
But a gleam of our sight
What if you are not you
And the truth isn’t just true
Just what if…..



If yesterday was today
When the full moon gave a dazzling grin
This sphere we call earth was fertile and green
The scorching rays of the sun caressed our soft skin
The track of our dreams were unbowed and keen

If yesterday was today
When our visions darted round the clouds so high
Our rhythmic voices screeched underneath the glowing sky
Our smiles ascended beyond the high towers
Decorating our world with glinting rose flowers

If yesterday was today
When the trees had deep strong root
Our lips birthed words of truth
Our faces wore a healing smile
Distance between our hearts was just a mile

If yesterday was today
When beauty blended with good character
Company of friends roared with laughter
The future was a glossy imagination
More than a picture or crafted fiction

Now we dance to the tune of injustice
Betrayal is wrapped in the bosom of a kiss
Now our visions shrink and bleed
Oh not the future we so need
Now we wish that yesterday was today





I blossom like the flowers then fade away
I burn to ashes but inside I freeze
The hotter I burn, the colder I feel
Am I fire?
That flares up and consumes when kindled
Am I an ocean?
With a tide that rises and falls seeking to flow
Am I the wind?
That carries words around to uncovered ears
Am I the unspoken word?
Breaking the chains of fear to paint a page
I am the bonded being in your head
That hidden book that longs to be read


One day…..
We will sojourn through the dark rays of the sun
Elope from this abyss we call “world”
Brave warriors will have a taste of the swords of the feeble
And wallow in their painful groans by the piercing of the sword
We will tumble the walls of the earth and majestically move across the red sea in tales
We will write on the sand of the earth an imprint of our mind
We will unleash the venom of our passions and erect an attic of our dreams
We will build shades of our visions from the glistering of the moon
We will refect on our past hurdles and toils and beam of smiles will flood our faces


Under the blue clouds in a cave of fantasies
My ink breathes out harmony of words
On a plain slate of wooden paper
Mixing my emotions in a bowl of rhymes
Painting the blank pages with a picture of nature

The dancing of the leaves to the tune of the wind
The silent rhythm of the flapping of bird wings
Darkness that beclouds the night with it’s blindfolding veil
The sweet melodies from the chirping of the birds
Building a realm far beyond our sight

Open your eyes and behold the universe
See the falling leaves decorating the earth
Behold the birds with wings stronger than the wind
The grasses whose roots you can’t tell the source
The breeze that finds Joy in romancing our skin

Why are the clouds up and the dust beneath
Why do the heavens open to pour it’s dew as rain
Who can tell the fragrance of the smoke
Or the fierce lips of fire that sucks with no mercy
Look beyond and love the fantasies of nature


I write for the days the world will desert me and leave me stuck in this deepest pit of loneliness
I write for the days when the hardest ice will melt and the scorching rays will turn dim
I write for the days when darkness will becloud the day and the sun fails to rise
I write for the days when fear,ego, sadness and grief will blend into one frame and corrode my soul
I write for the days when happiness and mind blowing memories spread over my heart like a mild winter storm
I write for the days when my strength fails me and my eyes become too dry to utter droplet of tears
I write for the days when my wild thoughts fly like blind humming birds and my mind race like a panting hungry wolf
I write to tell myself I’m not alone.. My pen, my ink, my book, my most trustworthy companions
So I heap these words on the barrel for the day I’d unlock their flow like a stream of running waters
Because they are my words of truth